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How To Take Great Shots Of Cars And Autos

Great shots depend on how you Focus on Photography It is possible to turn your vehicle’s boring snapshots into photographs that are much stronger, and that would appear great on your walls and magazine covers. The best is yet to come when you follow and gather great lessons from Tauranga automobile photography Be known as one of the best in automobile photograpy after having a look at these basic guidelines.

Basic Settings

The first thing you need to do is to get your basic settings in the right order. The white balance should be properly matched with the ambient lighting. To shoot for optimal photo sharpness and control your field’s depth, you need to use the aperture-priority mode.

Focal Length

Cars and Autos also possess photographic personalities like human beings; therefore you will be required to pick a focal length. Remember that wide angles will tend to exaggerate the features of the car, while a normal-to-longer focal length will perform exactly the opposite.


At times it may appear very hard to acquire a consistent exposure across the entire motor vehicle. You need to use the polarizing filter if at all you got one so that the reflection can be cut down. Use a tripod to bracket your exposures and make your photographs line up.

Eliminate Any Distraction From The Car

The same way you would remove distractions from a person’s photograph, so you will need to remove any distractions from the car too. You should always try to avoid pulling too much sky in your images, and this you can do by shooting in front of structures and buildings, which will block the sky out. Shooting in front of a telephone pole is not a good idea.

If you are at a car show, you should always wait for people to get out before you take your shots.

You Should Be Away From The Standard Eye-Level

To provide an impressive “coming at you” appearance, kneel down in front of the vehicle. You can also set the camera on the ground if you want a unique view that is rarely seen.

Get close-up shots of unique and exciting features of the car, and obtain at least a shot from high up to give a unique and interesting angle.

Use The Artificial Lighting At Night To Shoot

To do this effectively, you might need a tripod or a remote shutter release. A short self-timer can also work well.

When cropping, make sure you single out the instantly recognisable car features. Features like a taillight, bodywork or maybe a curve should be singled out.

Use Your Favourite Image Editor To Edit Your Photos

On photo versions that are underexposed, use layer masks to paint in sections of it onto the parts that are overexposed.

Check and fix the contrast, and it should always be increased. A method that has been successful for vehicles is to duplicate your photo as a layer, then set the mode of the layer to soft light. After that de-saturate it, and then adjust its opacity to taste.

To bring de-emphasize the environment and create attention to the car, make the corners a bit dark. Use the clone brush to remove any distraction you might have forgotten.

Your car should be ready now for the upload.

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